Fill our Bookshelves in Indonesia

Fill our Bookshelves in Indonesia

Fill our Bookshelves in Indonesia

When I arrived in Indonesia last year in July, I didn’t know what to expect of my AIESEC project. Luckily, my host family was very welcoming and I lived directly next to my workplace – the Panti Asuhan Al-Khaerat orphanage. Together with eleven other volunteers from South-America, Asia and Europe I taught English during a period of six weeks.

In the preparation phase of the AIESEC project I was inspired by a Let’s Creaid workshop by Charles Giesberger to ‘do more’ outside the scope of the AIESEC project. Consequently I decided to set up an additional project called ‘Fill Our Bookshelves’ during my stay in Makassar. Together with the other volunteers, I collected money at local events to raise money for paint and bookshelves to build a library for the children.

But what is a library without books? In order to raise more money, we created a website and asked our friends and family members to support us. With success- a couple of months after the completion of my AIESEC project, I returned to Makassar and bought books and a guitar with the money we had raised.

My main goal is to turn our activities into a sustainable concept. To keep the project alive, I encouraged my friend from Spain to teach English at the orphanage this summer and to give workshops on entrepreneurship. In my opinion, offering activities and classes are more useful in the long-term because some of the things we bought got stolen or destroyed.

The rest of the raised money will be spent on after school activities and workshops for the children. To carry out this ambitious plan, I rely on my Indonesian friends and the owner of the orphanage to recruit local volunteers and professionals. Next to that, we count on future donations to keep the project running as long as possible. If you want to get involved you can get in touch with me via the facebook page of ‘Fill Our Bookshelves’.

Rebecca Wörner – Utrecht