People love working for companies that support their community.

Helping your company’s community – by volunteering, setting up programs or with financial support – is a proven way to deepen the connection with your employees. Because it helps them feel more motivated, respected and committed to your company and its goals. And it gives them a chance to develop, both personally and professionally.

Let’s Creaid was founded to help more companies grow their involvement in their community – and achieve key HR goals. Whether local or global, we’ve discovered that “going forward by giving back” not only helps others. It also helps your company with teambuilding, developing new skills, changing company culture and increasing employee engagement and attracting top talent.

How can Let’s Creaid work for you?

“I am an employer”

Did you know that companies with an active community program perform significantly better?

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Great! You’re the type of dedicated employee companies appreciate. Let’s see how you can get them involved!

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There are companies out there who are ready to help – and eager to become a more valued member of their community.

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Your win-win-win scenario

It’s a simple fact. Companies with active community programs perform significantly better. With increased engagement, employee retention, productivity, profitability and customer loyalty. That’s win-win-win on so many fronts! For your employees, your organization and your community.


Ready to get started? Contact Charles – and let’s see how I can help your company develop the program that’s right for your people. Just call +31 (0)6 525 40 807 or use this form to send me a message.


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