The benefits

Good for employers, employees – and the community

Community work calls for a variety of talents and skills. Like presenting a workshop at a local school. Coaching volunteers at a charity. Developing talent for an NGO. Team building – and more!

We call this Create the Plus. However humble or ambitious your Let’s Creaid project, you are always creating the plus – on many levels. And any program will have a high impact on your people, and catapult your organization to a whole new level.

Benefits for the employer

The plus for a company is enormous – and can be measured. Motivated employees are more productive, loyal and healthier. And they will be eager to embrace the new skills they are learning during their Let’s Creaid program. Companies earn the respect of their people when they support a cause they care about.

And your people’s actions, and their role as ambassadors for your company, form a priceless PR boost for your company’s reputation. Plus, it’s been proven that companies with high employee engagement outperform the competition in terms of turnover, shareholder value and operating income.

What’s the ‘Plus’ for a CEO/HR/CSR?

CEO – Engaged employees lead to happy customers. And your Let’s Creaid projects will benefit your company’s reputation, the community, market and business. It also helps to improved your credentials when tendering.

– At human resources, you’ll notice increased job satisfaction and a more open culture. You’ll attract new staff (especially millenials), reduce absenteeism, increase retention rates and reduce training costs.

– If a company remains true to values and acts on them, it will receive positive public recognition. Your Let’s Creaid project will enhance your company’s image as good citizen. After all, people reward companies that help others in the community.

Benefits for employees

Doing good does you a world of good! The plus for employees is a renewed sense of pride and purpose. They’ll learn and implement new skills, work with colleagues from other departments – and really help others, either locally or around the world.

They’ll feel healthier, more respected, more motivated and experience less stress in their daily work. And they’ll be more understanding and appreciative towards their bosses, because they know they’re being supported in a cause they care about.

Want your boss to get involved?

Do you want your company to get involved in a community program? And you want it to be more that the “old-skool” one day of volunteering (because they make you do it…)? Contact us!

Together we can create your 5Steps2Act™. This ensures that you can spark a bit of action at your company. Or let us be the spark for you – send us your HR manager’s name and email, and we’ll contact them directly.

Does your project need help?

Are you involved in a community program that could use a helping hand (or two, or ten)? Let’s Creaid can help find you help from a local company – professionals with a can-do attitude and a passion for volunteering. Not just for a day, but with a real commitment for the long-term.

Perhaps you need help with business stuff like marketing or bookkeeping. Or you just need more people to help you get things done. Contact us and we will do our utmost to match you with a Let’s Creaid company project

Who we are working with?

Ready to get started? Contact us – and let’s see how Let’s Creaid can help your company develop the program that’s right for your people. Just call +31 (0)6 525 40 807 or use this form to send us a message.


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